Meet the Council and Local Board Candidates

Meet the Council and Local Board Candidates

Wednesday, 7 Sept 7pm at Milford Bowling Club, Commodore Parry Rd

Our colleagues at Castor Bay Residents & Ratepayers Assn are organising this meeting so, between us, we have all the candidates covered. There will be substantial change in our local board membership. Three sitting members are not standing again although Mike Cohen, Jan O'Connor and Grant Gillon are standing again. George Wood (councillor for the past two terms) is not standing for council but is standing for the local board with a team of five. Jan O’Connor is also putting forward a team of candidates.

Come and ask these candidates what their positions will be on the issues that are important to you. Auckland is undergoing massive growth and is changing before our eyes. We need Council representatives who will make community interests a priority at both Council and Local Board levels.


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