Milford Heritage Day 2014

Images and Song: Memories of Milford

Auckland Heritage Festival


It was lovely to see – and hear – so many people enjoying the heritage atmosphere at Milford Reserve on Sunday, 12 October.

No sooner had the display of photos gone up in the small marquee than it was buzzing with reminiscences about the ‘Pirate Shippe Days’ or expressions of amazement that the peaceful Milford Reserve could ever have been so different.

It was great to overhear one gentleman on the telephone saying "You really should come down here. It's a lovely atmosphere."

The mellow tones of the Mira Lacey Jazz Ensemble drifted across the reserve and people loved inspecting the unique cars of the Jowett Car Club.

In the end, the weather co-operated and we didn’t really need the big marquee for the concert but it seems only prudent to have one, considering the changeable weather at this time of the year.

We are already thinking of how we might make greater use of the marquee in 2015 with several performances throughout the afternoon rather than only one group.

We estimate about 450 people attended throughout the afternoon.

Thanks to Devonport-Takapuna Local Board for funding this event.

Thanks also to the Parks Department who had the reserve looking immaculate on the day.

Two of the MRA team lugging a photo montage across the street (L- Alistair Laurie, R- Kevin Dunsford)


Members of the North Shore Jowett Car Club kindly shared their fantastic cars with us.