PC34 Fundraising Update


PC34 – Appeal progress and Fundraising update

The PC34 Appeal progresses along its very expensive path towards an Environment Court hearing scheduled for mid -November. In August, MRA attended a Court-assisted mediation session with the other parties. There was agreement on parking and traffic issues including dedicated parking spaces for both the residential units and their visitor parking. These agreed changes to the PC34 application give local people greater protection against retail and residential unit parking being ‘shared’ with Mall shoppers’ parking. Once the discussions moved to the crucial issue of building heights, however, there was no agreement and mediation ended.

All parties have now concluded the process of expert caucusing. This is a requirement of the Environment Court where the parties’ professional witnesses summarise their points of agreement and disagreement. MRA’s legal and expert team includes lawyer Malcolm Maclean of Glaister Ennor, planner Kim Hardy of Envivo Consultants and traffic consultant Nigel Williams of Clearway. We engaged David Gibbs of Construkt Consultants as our urban designer for the expert witness caucusing but, at this stage, do not have sufficient funds for his continued services at the hearing itself.


Since early August, we have received over $15,000 from the community but feel we need to raise that much again. We are especially grateful for two donations of $1000 each, one of $2000. Such substantial sums make a huge difference to the total and boost our confidence about what is possible. If you are able to give a larger amount or make a second donation, we urge you to be as generous as you can. This appeal is your opportunity to give to an entirely local cause and to influence the shape of Milford in the decades to come.

Remember that the PC34 Plan Change application is for heights far in excess of both the existing District Plan and what will be in the notified Unitary Plan.  The Hearing Commissioners declined the application in full  in 2012. Auckland Council is defending the decision to decline but MRA has to be there also as the voice of the Milford community. To simply leave the defence to the Council would be irresponsible and extremely risky. If we lose in the Environment Court the consequences are enormous. Read our Unitary Plan Update over the page.

We ask everyone to step up for Milford

The Milford community has a wide cross section of people and households within it.  Many are retired and on fixed incomes and we very much appreciate the donations large and small that have come from them.  Others in Milford enjoy very high incomes.  There are certainly many residents who can afford to give a greater amount to ensure Milford’s character is retained for us all to enjoy.

We ask those who can afford to give a greater amount to step up to the challenge of funding this Appeal.

Please send your donations to: MRA, PO Box 31 067, Milford, Auckland 0741 or direct to our bank account:MRA, ASB Milford, account 12-3050-0484393-00.  Please email our Treasurer with your address and phone number if you are paying by direct credit, glenys@milford.org.nz.