THE UNITARY PLAN – last date to submit your feedback is 31 May 2013


·         This Plan is a dramatic re-shaping of Auckland’s building rulebook and will last for 30 years

·         It will affect how you and your neighbours can develop your property

·         It will affect how your family will live in the future

·         Auckland Council has said it will listen to community feedback on the current proposals

·         Don’t just leave it to others. Tell Auckland Council what you think of the proposals by 31 May.

·         Feedback forms and information sheets available from "News" - "Newsletters" on our website.

Check out what is proposed for Milford and for your property at

Click on the electronic maps and the e-plan to see what is proposed.


For the non-onliners among us, we have posted a Unitary Plan map of Milford on the Rotary noticeboard in the village square.  This shows the different zones for the whole of Milford.


We will be doing a letterbox drop to every Milford household over the next week (15-19 May).  If you can assist with this, please let us know by return.  Even one street will help our loyal band of regular deliverers.


We hope you will make a point of discussing this with your neighbours and help ensure everyone understands how important it is to make their views known.


You can contact us if you have any questions: